iphone 5 Aluminum Case 4th Design M2

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Metal Case for iphone 5:

iphone 5 Aluminum Case 4th Design M2 Color: Silver/Blue/Black/Rose/Red/Gray/Black + Red/Black + Silver/Silver + Pink/Silver + Black/Silver + Red/ Silver + Blue/Gray + Red/Pink + Silver/Blue + Silver

Compatible Brand:Apple iPhones Type:Cell phone Case Material: Metal or Aluminum Compatible iPhone Model: iPhone 5 Product Description all Aluminum Bumper Case , you need to expect some signal degradation while using the M2 case. In order to combat any reception issues, 5th Design has implemented long cutouts in the case on both sides to help avoid blocking the iPhone 5 antenna from reception and also allow easy access to your SIM slot.

While using the M2 case I noticed a drop in signal that would cause at least 1 bar to drop every time I would make a call. More specifically, when using the field test method of a more true signal reading, I would usually get about a 95db to 97db signal strength without using the M2.

With the M2 installed, my signal strength would be about 104db to 108db. So that s not a very significant loss in reception I would say, but it s definitely something to take into consideration if you live in a low-reception area.

The M2 might not be to everyone s liking, but if you do happen to like how different it looks, this is one solid Aluminum Metal case for the iPhone 5 with a $69.9 price tag to match its unique looks. Anyone should know that Aluminum Metal cases are mostly for show, and4th Design s M2

delivers a spectacular.

Main features:

CNC machined from a solid block of aircraft grade Aluminum Metal

M2 has the SIM card slot opened so you don t have to unscrew the case every time you need to switch the SIM

Anodized to create a hard protective coating in brilliant colors Laser engraved for authenticity (Individually serial numbered)

The styling also allows for easy use of the camera and flash

Slim, sleek and one-piece design case

Designed by 4th Design made in Korea What s included

; Frame x 1 ; A.R.T Unit x 1 ; Allen wrench x 1 ; Installation Bolts ; Instruction

Item specifics: 5th M2 Aluminum Metal for iphone 5 Case

5th M2 Aluminum Metal for iphone 5 Case