iphone 5 Aluminum Case Element Case Sector 5 Spec Ops Tan

// 2013年9月11日
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Metal Case for iphone 5:

iphone 5 Aluminum Case Element Case Tan Free shipping With the all new TPU Attack&trade back plate and new two-tone anodized frame, the new Sector 5 Spec Ops case for the iPhone 5 was designed for people who accept nothing less than “field ready” equipment that is lightweight, durable, and ergonomic. The Spec Ops comes in three US Military digital camouflage patterns: Desert, Arctic, and Urban.

NOTE: The 8 pin connector port on the bottom of the Sector 5 iPhone case has been designed to accommodate the original connector included with the iPhone 5 and additional accessories may not be compatible.

Ultrathin and lightweight CNC machined aluminum perimeter frame 3 digital camouflage patterns: Desert, Arctic, Urban New Attack back plate with matching camouflage patterns Two interchangeable grips included: matching camouflage and black TPU Screen protector included Tactical holster included Speed wrench included