LJY Sword generations sword Bumper Metal Case for iphone 5

// 2013年9月11日
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Metal Case for iphone 5:

LJY Sword generations sword Bumper Metal Case for iphone 5

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LJY Corporation is under the business of manufacturing and dealing mobiles and accessories both inside and outside Japan. It has recently released SWORD5+, a new smart aluminum bumper for iPhone5, in alliance with LJY Co. Ltd of China. SWORD5+ is one of the Sword series, aluminum bumper series which has reputation for the points of its smart design, ways of utility and lightness using from aluminum alloy. SWORD5+ is all six in two-tone color, creating more solid design. The design is simple as the previous ones, but the color variation attracts the iPhone users. It reflects the image of a sword, sharp like a sword. A good unity with the main body provides a secret sense of “light”. Joint of 2-parts is fitted in the simple form. Strong Points ・Design The sharp design, like a sword is the Sword’s popular point. The refined cutting at bottom is the main feature of Sword series. ・Insert It is wide in insert space as in previous ones and thus, it is possible to charge or listen to music while wearing SWORD5+. The elegant curve does not ruin the solid edge design, but raises its characteristics more, instead. ・Coloring The main body is all one-colored first and then, a metal line parts from top to the bottom, starting a beautiful solid feel to the edge and it creates SWORD5+ as a high-artistic product. ・Light but strong-built This is the super light bumper of 12.85g weigh, with surplus refined form and aluminum material. Hence, the strength-weakened parts as side or bottom may look thin, however, hard simply. ・Strong at shocks Inner of SWORD5+ is interfered with high density urethane sheet. It is proved the distinguished effects of preventing electric wave or protecting from sudden shocks, from results through experiment. ・Sense of fitting A change from four to two screws at iPhone5 version makes a sense of thinner and stable at fitting. It is what the design precision that the other metal bumpers cannot follow.

Metal Case for iphone 5