Metal Case for galaxy s 4g x-men cool

// 2013年9月11日
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Metal Case for iphone 5:

Metal Case for galaxy s 4g x-men cool 01, the selection after several attempts, finally adopted a solid billet aircraft-grade aluminum, the housing lightweight, toughness, wear resistance strong, inside corner molding department lined slip lining material that provides grip and vibration absorption.  02, each component is through precise measurements, repeated testing, repeatedly polished, so that borders a perfect match. Accurate, light, thin, simple, beautiful, sexy. Anodized surface coloring techniques, hardening process, anti-wear, do not fade!  03, from the four corners die and a “X” frame composition, angle mold made ​​of special screws, relieved only when installing a corner molding, and then set up the other three corners of the mold, and then angle die placement. Easy to install, perfect show.  04, exoskeleton unique design, simple, full of mobile phone “naked” in America, the perfect touch, vividly. Button to gain control. Metal_Case_for_galaxy_s_4g_x-men_Cool