Metal luckysky Cool Case for iphone 5

// 2013年9月11日
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Metal Case for iphone 5:

Metal luckysky Cool Case for iphone 5 + Perfect combination of aesthetics and usability, walking the fashion tip, Numerous Hollywood stars Recommended + Aluminum material to build, CNC digital machine cutting, surface chemical oxygen Of metallic colors, bright colors do not fade + Bag full shockproof sponge inside four weeks, imitation and imitation scratches shock + Does not block the charging port, line and L-type ear hole can be inserted + Comes with double-sided masonry protective film, full close protection + Equipped with special hexagonal screwdriver and spare screws  This product is a devaluation of the domestic production of aluminum as the material of the glove, This product has a Chinese domestic patents, absolutely genuine, all products have anti-counterfeit labels are available online authenticity. The vast majority of the market to sell made ​​of plastic, made ​​of plastic grip force will burst and easy to fade, and no place to lock the iPhone, iPhone is easy to slide, please note that comparison, ask before buying.