Retro Transformers Case iPhone5 metal Cool

// 2013年9月11日
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Metal Case for iphone 5:

Retro Transformers Case iPhone5 metal Cool Full Metal feeling make your IPHONE distinctive Japan’s Furukawa Denko shell with aviation aluminum alloy, the high-precision surface machining, anodizing Figure Layer super-ultra-hardness projected number of heavy excellent handling qualities rolled into one Stylish elegant appearance, comfortable and efficient operation feel, let your iphone with an extraordinary temperament  This section aluminum protective cover design with full wrapping The high aluminum protective material to give you the perfect protection for iPhone Regardless of any impact will not let any harm iPhone High anti-scratch material not let fear scratched protective Case Inside the protective shell also add a layer of shock-absorbing silicone layer with a high Not only with the iPhone’s back perfectly sealing Can also be subjected to absorb and disperse impact strength of the impact