Vapor sector 5 iphone 5 Case Aluminum Metal for iphone 5

// 2013年9月11日
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Metal Case for iphone 5:

Vapor sector 5 iphone 5 Case Aluminum Metal for iphone 5 Compatible Brand:Apple iPhones Type:Cell phone Case Material: Metal or Aluminum Compatible iPhone Model: iPhone 5 Product Description The Sector 5 uses innovative single screw assembly design, all eight components only one screw bits, the home simply easily twist can free assembly and disassembly. Sector 5 use U.S. aircraft grade aluminum alloy 6061 Aluminum, the production of aircraft parts computer numerical control CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology manufacturing, to ensure product quality, and other specially selected special stainless steel screws, the whole protective shell is extremely hard, and very lightweight . In addition, The Sector 5 Smart Case have also added a special material (Aerospace Polymer), helped to keep the signal reception strength, is the perfect choice for. , Simple and convenient, can be described as a major breakthrough in the assembly design

Ultra-thin CNC “Multi-link” border Polymer RF link, the signal strength is not weakened The large volume of border window Laser engraving LOGO Unique whole body combinations connected structure Stainless steel screw fasteners CNC machining aluminum power button The modular frame may correspond to future upgrades Reserved headphone hole sound holes, as well as the charging port bit, various functions easily control! Stainless steel screws Large peripheral port