iNoxCase Iron Man stainless steel Coolest Iphone 5/5S Cases

// 2013年9月18日
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Coolest Iphone Cases

iNoxCase Iron Man stainless steel Coolest Iphone 5/5S CasesiNoxCase Iron Man stainless steel Coolest Iphone 5/5S Cases

Maybe some nudity is to sexy, but also inevitably bring some security risks. In addition to beautiful outside, iPhone 5/5S as well. So by the industrial designer Ryan Glasgow visual design, CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool) made ​​this “Iron Man” has become the preferred iPhone 5/5S protection weapon. The biggest difference is that she uses a general protective shell flip phone design form, iPhone 44s of the screen is a sheet metal cover, set aside time observation window, so your iPhone 5/5S will not easily scratched. Metal lid can be opened 180 degrees, 90 degrees to horizontal folded horizontally, it is also used as a supporting frame.

In addition, this place is also reserved superstructure internal credit card slots, there is a taut band can be fixed during the card, so much more convenient to go out, no longer need wallet.

Similarly, the iPhone 5/5S Iron Man also all the interfaces have been reserved out, whether it is charging or sync, plug headphones are without removing the protective shell. Hard shell for the iPhone 5/5S provides superior protection, look! Load up a few bricks no problem!

Material: 304 stainless steel. Specific styles of mixing ingredients:

Dimensions: height 116 mm × width 65 mm × 12 mm thick

Weight: 64 g

Product Features

+ Full stainless steel housing to protect your machine, no longer worried about the coin pocket scratch your “crazy love”

+90 Degrees flip operation, can be used as iPhone5/5S stent use, easy to watch the video

+180 Degrees clamshell design to protect iPhone5/5S Screen

+ Cover aside window can browse the current time and caller ID

+ Rubber strap design, clip credit cards, banknotes and transportation cards and other items

+ Slim design, ultra-thin touch

+ Insertion / extraction iPhone5/5S very simple

+ Protective shell aside all iPhone5/5S function keys

+ Screen Protector random distribution