Ronin Bocote Case Wood METAL CASE FOR IPHONE 5S/5

// 2013年9月18日
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Metal Case for iphone 5:

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Ronin Bocote Case Wood METAL CASE FOR IPHONE 5S/5Ronin Bocote Case Wood METAL CASE FOR IPHONE 5S

This newest addition to the Ronin line features a South American hardwood, Bocote (pronounced bow-COE-tay). A very exotic wood, Bocote is not considered a threatened species and we love this wood for it’s wide range of color, grain and textures. More on Bocote wood

Each piece is treated and then machined, inspected again and hand fitted to the precision crowns. The CNC aluminum crowns are hand polished and anodized for a smooth finish. We’ve added a beautiful “Gun Metal” grey color to this line because it this colors pairs particularly well with the Bocote wood.

The final product is a unique combination of manufacturing precision and the infinite variation found in nature- every case is unique.

NOTE: The 8 pin connector port on the bottom of the Ronin iPhone case has been designed to accommodate the original connector included with the iPhone 5/5S and additional accessories may not be compatible.