Element Sector 5 Case for iPhone 5/5S Silver

// 2013年9月25日
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Element Sector 5 Case for iPhone 5/5S Silver

Element Sector 5 Case for iPhone 5/5S Silver


The Sector 5’s super thin multi-link perimeter frame design is comprised of 8 individual links to create a modular design that allows endless customization or upgrade possibilities. Each of the 8 links are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum billet as well as a proprietary aerospace polymer which maximizes signal strength.

A single screw removal system allows the multi-link design to “unfold” for quick and easy installation. The Sector 5 comes with a genuine super plush Ultrasuede back plate.

The finish on the Sector 5 is your choice of Gun Metal, Silver, or Black with our proprietary Flux finish that is satin smooth to the touch.


Ultra thin “Multi-link” system for fast and easy install

Modular design for replacement and upgrade parts option

CNC machined in the US using aerospace grade materials

Large volume control ports for easy access

Large peripheral ports, fully compatible with the original Lightning cable

Protective Zipper case with transit kit (screen protector and speed wrench)