Amateur PK Major: Public analyst estimates Q4 iPhone sales

// 2013年10月28日
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Metal Case for iphone 5S iPad Air and iPad mini 2 debut , the world’s attention once again to invest in Apple . Apple fans have flocked to the Apple store to buy iPad Air, although the momentum was not as good as iPhone 5s and 5c listing is so violent. Apple on Monday released fourth-quarter financial report , as usual , iPhone’s best-selling Apple will bring great profits. Before the earnings announcement , “Fortune” magazine columnist Philip Elmer-DeWit has 44 analysts compiled results of the analysis , and produced a sales forecast charts.

It is understood that 44 analysts , there are 23 professional analysts , while 21 belong to amateur Apple analyst , these two sets of positive analysts’ sales results are that Apple’s fourth- quarter profit is huge.

And 5c in the iPhone 5s before the release , although Verizon iPhone 5 and 4s sales continued to slow, but iPhone 5s and 5c outsold Apple ’s iPhone market before the first week sales record. Professional analysts expect Apple sold approximately 32.7 million Q4 iPhone, amateur analysts expect sold 34.2 million iPhone.

Taken together , 44 analysts expect iPhone Q4 sales of about 33.4 million , compared with last year’s 26.9 million increased by 24% . Elmer-DeWitt believes that this will be the iPhone shopping season since 2012 one of the best quarterly performance since .