Analysts say Apple’s next year summer push larger screen iPhone 6

// 2013年10月28日
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Metal Case for iphone 5S Next Monday, Apple will release quarterly earnings. U.S. long-term concern of Apple’s well-known analyst Mu Site (Gene-Munster) recently released the Apple price target of future results and reports , he said Apple will launch next year a large screen iPhone 6, and time to market earlier than widely expected .

Mu Site , said several factors make the market can remain optimistic on Apple’s stock price , Apple’s stock price is currently $ 531 , Mu Site set the target price is $ 640 .

Last year, the iPhone 5 selling for some time, in last year’s fourth quarter and the first quarter of this year , as investors worried that the decline in sales of the iPhone , Apple’s stock price declined sharply . Mu Site , said the end of this year , iPhone sales will decline, but not as big as last year’s magnitude . iPhone 5s strong sales momentum will continue and more durable.

Mu Site that is more important than the iPhone 5s is the summer of next year , Apple will launch the iPhone 6, and time to market earlier than widely expected that the phone will use the larger screen size, said it would become a hot product Mu Site .

Technology media speculation , iPhone 6 will be using a five -inch screen , configure the NFC (Near Field Communication chip ) , configure the better performance of the imaging sensor .

The analyst said that consumer enthusiasm for the iPhone 6 will be able to offset the decline in sales of mobile phones iPhone 5s concerns.

According to Mu Site analysis, Apple also has a smart watch project , code-named “iWatch”, another smart TV is also in development, and rumors of these new products , but also will push Apple shares rose .

However, Mu Site in the analysis report, Apple did not indicate the specific time to market of new products . His prediction of new products , and media coverage basically the same.

Media pointed out that the smart watch iWatch , Apple may choose to launch in 2015 . Multiple indications , Apple began the formation of smart watches this year the project team . Estimated optimized sound , the smart watch next year will be able to mass production.

It is estimated that Apple may also fall in the next year Apple-TV set-top box to upgrade updated. In addition there are many reports that Apple is developing a similar set-top box game Microsoft Kinect somatosensory control equipment.