BBM officially for all iOS and Android users open

// 2013年10月28日
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Metal Case for iphone 5:

Metal Case for iphone 5S Recently Blackberry company to their existing and potential BBM users to send e-mail, said waiting for the day came to an end, BBM will officially open to all iOS and Android users open registration. “Open BBM, start a conversation.”

BBM last week officially launched iOS and Android, but at that time it did not fully open. Want to use the service users must first register and wait for the opportunity to register, registration is completed before start using. Mail a Blackberry now, we can no longer consider it registered queuing problem.

Last week, landing on iOS and Android in a few hours after, BBM was downloaded exceeded 500 million, free of charge in the App Store application area soon successful ascent. And this service is now determined for all iOS and Android users to open, I believe it will have better performance.

BBM a few days after the release of the first to get updates, add contacts classification, classification and BBM Groups list filtering, restoration and iOS 7.0.3 front-end related vulnerabilities, improve performance