Distribution lot coming? Tyrant gold 5s inventory problem slowed

// 2013年10月28日
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Metal Case for iphone 5S Apple’s online store which “2-3 weeks ” of iPhone 5s delivery time has been going on for some time, but according to Wei Feng network pick from iPhone 5s booking page to get the latest information , iPhone 5s inventory problem has actually been slow - especially gold version. Through screenshot we can see, including Beijing Wangfujing , including some Apple retail stores have begun to have a surplus of gold iPhone 5s inventory.

Since the iPhone 5s in September 20 sale date, we still see the golden version is the first in a number of retail outlets are in stock ( although not all models ) . Apple is currently implemented in mainland China is still online booking + pick up policy , consumers can make a reservation through Apple ’s official website , the next day after the success of Apple’s retail stores nearby to take machine . At the same time , now silver and gray iPhone 5s already deep space can go directly to the store to buy , but in limited quantities.

Not hard to guess that this is a lot of iPhone 5s upcoming Distribution of signals , consumers no longer need to purchase when selected as binding the hands like some time ago . Apple today began in the second installment of listing Offering iPhone 5s ( along with iPhone 5c), I believe this is a reminder inventory problems have slowed one of the engines .