Push Notifications want quiet? Try SilencePlease it

// 2013年10月28日
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Metal Case for iphone 5:

Metal Case for iphone 5S Call when push notification sounds in the ears when what you are feeling? Push notifications when the FaceTime will not trouble you? Or continue to send push notifications to the device in your hands constantly shaking you can calm it? In these cases how to do? Do you want angry wrestling iPhone do? Of course not, use a small plug-in will be able to solve the problem.

SilencePlease shelves Cydia is a recent plug-ins, it seems to provide users with a variety of options allow push notifications quiet. For example, users can be selected on the phone, FaceTime same application or notification sent a series, do not sound or vibration.

As shown in the settings panel, the user can turn off the sound or vibration, respectively, and the user can continue to push notifications for applications to set the time interval. After installing this plug-in it will not generate any icon on the desktop, the installation can be used.

Need SilencePlease users can purchase in Cydia BigBoss source, priced at $ 0.99, support for iOS 6.