Apple’s new patent: the use of 3D code to fight against counterfeit products

// 2014年1月24日
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aluminum iphone 4 bumper Apple recently filed a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office , in this document, they introduced a system to combat counterfeit products. In this system , Apple wanted to use 3D code to identify the official products and components .

According to presentation documents , Apple uses a 3D text code, and engraved on the product components , but these words after assembly code will be hidden easily be invisible. Or these 3D text will be very small , if the naked eye can not see .

Apple said those engraved on the part of the code that is difficult to copy , because they have a legal system for marking parts , and has a quick way to identify counterfeit products . According to Apple’s description , the use of technology will not be limited to the iPhone and iPad.

Fight against counterfeit products is obviously very important for Apple, they really need to find new ways to solve this problem. Another method by which , the code will be hidden , does not affect the design of the product itself , one of the issues that must be considered is Apple . iphone 5s bumpers