Swipey: new plug-in allows users to quickly access the applications from the lock screen

// 2014年1月24日
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gold iphone 5s bumper Swipey shelves Cydia is an upcoming plug-in, which is the Atom Developer plugin developers. The features of the new plug-in is to allow users to access their favorite applications from the lock screen.

After the user device to wake iPhone screen lock screen, if the user will see a further slide of their choice, can be accessed from the lock screen applications. Switching between applications is also very convenient, you can specifically through the video to see that slide between different applications, navigation can be.

This plug-in is about to shelves Cydia, priced at $ 1.99, users need so stay tuned.

Since iOS 7 jailbreak released, in which more than a week’s time, a variety of plug-ins such as popping up, most of the users to customize the control center related, such FlipLaunch and FlipControlCenter etc., allowing users to operate more in the control center freely. There simplified plugin interface elements, such as Simplock and TabLess, they allow “sliding to unlock” bar beneath the words and all disappear.aluminum iphone 5 bumper