No on the cover of Interview: Steve Jobs and his young dreams

// 2014年1月25日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 One day the end of November 1983 , Levi got into Bandelier located outside the main office Avenue Apple a car . As the car left the tall white buildings , the ” Rolling Stone” magazine freelance writer and the driver greeted : “Hello, Steve .” • Steve Jobs , the young , active , co-founder of Apple , while driving, while and chatted about what Levi gushed apples and “Rolling Stone ” magazine between .

“Your magazine is cheating …… ”

Jobs continue to complain about, why a forthcoming article published on the Macintosh , did not become a cover of “Rolling Stone” magazine. In fact , Macintosh computers was announced only two months .

“You ” Rolling Stone “magazine is cheating , you are also cheating reports on MTV …… ” This is Steve Jobs young and fit Levi said.

Jobs forever eloquent, Levi almost not inserted into a word. Eventually, Levi seized the opportunity to speak, he told Steve Jobs , of that ” cheating ” on MTV cover article , it is from his hand. Levi after these words , Jobs is accidentally immediately adjust the topic.

Within the next few hours , Levi and Steve Jobs had a conversation at a pizzeria - talk about Macintosh computers. This is a hard to let Steve Jobs nostalgia products , which fully reflects the design philosophy of Steve Jobs . At the same time , Macintosh computer or cause Steve Jobs and Apple’s board of directors bitter dispute product - two years after Jobs was forced to leave the company he personally created.

At the time Steve Jobs is not the godfather of science and technology , this interview with him can be considered precious. Face Levi , Jobs disclosed his true feelings of many .

Although Levi will only pick the interviews compiled into a 11,500 -word article published in the “Rolling Stone” magazine ( not a cover story ) , but a few hours the whole interview manuscript , which he treasured in its own folder until today .

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the birth of the Macintosh computer , Levy said he would this ” without deleting the complete manuscript ” to the birth of the Macintosh version of the latest Kindle books among the book’s name is very ambitious : “Absolutely great : the life and Times of Macintosh , the computer changes everything “(Insanely Great: The Life and Times of Macintosh, the Computer that Changed Everything).

Find Jobs bitter year on the cover and unable to do so , now being written into a standard called ” great” book.

“I think this is definitely a great product .”

From an interview with Levi , we can see there are some jobs that year not liking . “Time” magazine article that year , described him as irascible ruthless man , which made Steve Jobs is very disturbing. Steve Jobs said: ” I ​​feel the pain were just really attracted to whom I have the ‘ romance ‘, the all but vanish the moment …… and to some extent , Macintosh is a different kind of woman . . ”

In the year of this interview, Steve Jobs himself is very clear that he will introduce a change in the computer world as a whole . Levi was sitting in front of the young man , has just finished a masterpiece of artists like passion , and this passion to Levi describes the design patterns and Macintosh computers.

Levi faced several questions about the Macintosh , Jobs answered full of irrepressible excitement : “I think this is too great , this is definitely a great product .”

In fact, Steve Jobs was very excited to make this Macintosh, will be the first to have a graphical user interface and mouse on the PC world . Macintosh Steve Jobs seems to be very clear what the impact will be on the world , he and his team put a ideals, eventually playing the real product .

” I want to be that kind of person Edison .”

Jobs repeated the Macintosh team called ” pirate ” team , after many years of his sentence becomes motto - ” do good pirate likened the Navy .”

Jobs led his “pirate ” who day and night to every detail of the computer’s distress even mad - he was not even part of the manufacturing process manual will keep say , sure.

Today , this 30 years ago, not all public interviews Levi ’s , which may explain some of the overhang unknown problem - for example , if Steve Jobs is still alive , then what would he do?

Levi asked Steve Jobs , the future whether he will enter the political arena . After hearing these words , Jobs replied immediately that he did not enter any idea the public sector - ” the private sector is more influential on the local community .”

Jobs told Levy , “A lot of people think that Thomas Edison and lamp • changed the world , this influence even more than Karl Marx • - I also hold this view .”

In that room pizza shop, Levi always wanted to figure out a problem is that in the end what kind of forces to push forward with the young Steve Jobs . A definitive answer is possible - everything Steve Jobs is not done for the money .

Steve Jobs once said that his net assets within six months decreased by $ 250 million . “I lost a quarter of the property , however , always thinking that money is a very silly thing .”

“That in the end is what forces pushing you forward ? ” Levi asked. Jobs replied: “To put a little crazy , I was at the right time , the right place , doing some romantic , legendary thing .” Perhaps Levi saw the puzzled faces , Jobs added, “We can make calculation becomes greater , we can build a great product that people use to facilitate . ”

This passion , madness and mission throughout the entire career of Steve Jobs and profoundly affected his life. “To some extent , I would see themselves as artists, performers, trapeze artists, no safety net to protect the flying trapeze artists .”

All predictions are realized ……

Farewell before pizzeria , Jobs looked at Levi , he tried to more clearly express their innermost thoughts and trying to change the fate of this article ( on the cover ) .

“You know, we’ve been doing things that we do not produce the food , the clothes we wear someone else to do, we say that language is the invention of others , we also use math created by others …… I mean , we been doing some things , invent things , and these things into the treasure house of human knowledge , to bring people a better experience . ”

Jobs on the cover for the enthusiasm with almost paranoid , but 30 years ago in that room pizza shop , Jobs did not realize aspiration. However , the story tells us that 30 years later , Jobs successfully done it all his Levi portrayed .