And a lawsuit: NYC IP that Apple Safari for patent infringement

// 2014年2月4日
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coolest iphone 5 cases for men According to foreign media reports Patenly Apple, Apple Inc. has been a NYC IP the company to court on the grounds that they infringed Apple’s patents. NYC IP said Apple hardware using the Safari browser to display technical documents allegedly infringed its patents.

NYC IP sued Apple violated its 2006 patent 7,016,084, patent entitled “Method and apparatus for receiving part of the connection through the electronic address specified file picture.” They said in court documents, Apple development, use or sale of computers, laptops, smart phones and tablet PCs, including but not limited to MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and similar devices.

NYC IP asked the judge in the file, if found intentionally infringed Apple’s patents, then ask them to pay triple damages. Reported that they search online “NYC IP” after, and did not retrieve the formal business website or similar results. That can be determined NYC IP patent hooligans. Apple recently caught frequently, since last week and now has four lawsuits from patent trolls.