Apple’s acquisition of 3D sensing company will create a new computing experience

// 2014年2月4日
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coolest iphone 5 cases for men Apple recently acquired Israeli company PrimeSense , the possibility of this acquisition brings, analysts had a lot of assumptions. Which most agree that Apple will be the company ‘s technology for its television products into , including the long-rumored iTV and Apple TV set-top boxes . Apple could use the company’s mobile sensing and depth / color sensing technology , especially in the new generation of interactive television applications.

But recently some analysts pointed out that Apple’s acquisition of the company will be able to bring new experiences and enterprise computing solutions . For example, in mobile and wearable equipment. PrimeSense is committed to narrowing the product components, and the natural next step is to integrate these components reduced to a mobile or wearable computing products.

Although the company’s positioning in this industry is moving sensing technology companies , but essentially they are the depth and color perception technology companies , users of these technologies in the future may be able to identify people on the street or to help the blind navigate .

Another possibility is a custom e-commerce. Analysts had pointed out that companies can take advantage of Microsoft’s Kinect and other sensing technologies to provide custom clothing and furniture services to consumers . Assuming the device scan the your home or your body , you can instantly get the data for your custom furniture or clothing .

In any case, Apple’s acquisition of PrimeSense can say to add new impetus to their product innovation, while helping them gain a foothold in the market for enterprise technology .