Apple is now using iBeacons to send you notifications $ 254 shops

// 2014年2月4日
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metal iphone 5 case Apple has started using iBeacons $ 254 stores, which means that the company can now send and personalized notifications directly to your iPhone related products, events , etc., as long as you near the Apple store.

In order to use iBeacons , you will need iOS 7 of iPhone. You also need to download the Apple Store app , enable Bluetooth , and to permit Apple to track you . This combination allows Apple to study your shopping habits / wants / needs then send customized notifications to you.

iBeacons by Apple’s iOS in seven specific technology , which allows mobile applications to identify when the iPhone is near a small wireless sensors called beacon ( or iBeacons, as well ) to create a brand. Beacon can transmit data to the iPhone – and vice versa – using Bluetooth low power consumption.

Now, let’s put this into a scenario: Suppose you have an iPhone 5 and you go with iBeacons through the Apple Store . In the area into the lighthouse , such as the iPhone ‘s table , the beacon sends recommendations on promotions, coupons and relevant through the Apple Store iPhone app , your iPhone 5. The Associated Press reported that Apple started using in U.S. stores iBeacons 12 6, and technical recommendations may be used – for example – you are upgrading from iPhone 5 to the new iPhone 5S. Apple iBeacons will also accept payment , so you can use your phone to pay some of the projects even require customer service and reserve products.

A iBeacons’ range up to 50 meters , so you may also receive notifications , just go an apple store. Apple Store app will simply enter a ” store mode ” and start sending your customized alerts.