Breakthrough in the traditional way: Mr Postman delivered letters to help you

// 2014年2月4日
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coolest iphone 5 cases for men Recently, a new iOS app landing platform, which allows users to pass the actual paper letter via smart phones.

Mr Postman application allows users to write letters on the iPhone or iPad, after the completion of the contents of the input , the application also requires the user to use a finger to create your own personalized signature on the touch screen , as the letter signed. Just pay immediately via PayPal , paper letters sent directly from the application , and then will be standard white A4 paper to print out , which is also printed on the user signature , and all this does not require you to personally go to a local mailbox delivery letter . When the paper sent a letter arrived in the UK postal system, the user will receive a notice and a copy of the letter sent under the original Letter History column will be stored in the application .


img201311301226041 Propeller Mobile application is launched subsection company , they said Mr Postman able to help a new generation of young people is called ” digital natives ” to resolve their parents and grandparents generation gap . Meanwhile , Mr Postman also allows ” time poor ” direct transfer directly from their smartphone or tablet computer paper mail. For the coming Christmas , this procedure can even get the kids to wish list sent directly to Santa Claus. For still like to keep letters of communication people, indeed the more convenient .

Mr Postman also has a dedicated business letter templates , allowing the user to banks , building societies , utilities and local authorities to quickly send professional-looking letters .

Mr Postman is currently available for free download at the Apple iTunes store , interested users may wish to try.