iPhone 6 rumor rollup: 5.7 inch screen really have it?

// 2014年2月4日
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metal iphone 5 case Although the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launch just a few months time, but industry insiders were concerned about Apple’s next iPhone plans. The next generation iPhone is expected to be released next year .

Recent rumors that the next generation iPhone screen will be the focus of the next generation iPhone will be equipped with a larger screen size and may use curved screen technology. Rumors of the next iPhone is called “iPhone 6″. The next few months , is expected to talk about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5c subsequent products will continue to emerge. U.S. tech blog MacRumors finishing a recent related rumors.

On the screen , the latest rumors suggest , iPhone 6 will use 4.7 to 5.7 inches display. 4.7 inches display will be between the Nokia Lumia 1020 of 4.5 inches screen and Samsung Galaxy S4 5-inch screen . The 5.7 inches screen means that the new iPhone will be a ” tablet phone “, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note III. In addition, some rumors that Apple may release two different iPhone 6, a continuation of this year also released iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c practices.

According Briamonte Instapaper developer Marco (Marco Arment) and iMore editor in chief Rene Ritchie (Rene Ritchie) argument , iPhone 4.94 -inch screen may be a reasonable option , which will retain the current 1136×640 resolution, also brought in line with the iPad Air pixel density of 264ppi . But this pixel density will be lower than the current iPhone ‘s 326ppi.

In display technology, the current iPhone uses low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) technology , is expected to iPhone 6 will continue to extend this technology. In the iPad Air and Retina Display iPad mini , Apple company uses indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) technology, which is thinner than the previous iPad screen , lower power consumption. But LTPS technology is still relatively IGZO advantages , it is expected to be retained.

The glass on the screen , the current iPhone uses Corning Gorilla glass. Recent rumors that the next iPhone will turn sapphire glass. Previously sapphire glass is used only a few small components, such as the camera lens and the Home button . This is mainly due to the price expensive sapphire glass . However , Apple recently announced a partnership with GT Advanced, strengthen sapphire glass.

Inside the phone , iPhone 5s uses Samsung ‘s 28 -nanometer process foundry 64 A7 processor. It is said , iPhone 6 will use TSMC ‘s 20 -nm process foundry A8 processor. Samsung will continue as Apple’s foundry , TSMC may solve the problem of insufficient capacity .

According to the latest news, large screen iPhone will be released in the second half of 2014 , consistent with the previous iPhone. Apple will also be released lower price iPhone 6c, and launched iOS 8 system .