Jonathan design at Apple’s first product: Lindy

// 2014年2月4日
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coolest iphone 5 cases for men iMac, iPhone and iPad are all more familiar in Apple’s Jonathan masterpiece , for his early works we may rarely heard or seen . As shown above, this is Jonathan designed for the Apple’s first product . You may think it is very familiar, yes it is , and like Newton , Newton because it is the successor to Apple’s internal code name for Lindy MessagePad.

Biographer Leander Carney (Leander Kahney) book, ” Jonathan Ivey, the genius behind Apple’s great products ,” the description , although this product is not well-known products such as iPad , but Jonathan effort poured on top of it and not less than iPad and other products.

Jonathan gave Lindy designed a spring cover , the user presses the flip pops up . In addition , he is also perfectly into the top of the stylus device , this stylus and the device can be stacked so as to form a perfect product .

Jonathan said, ” I insisted to cover the top of the device using a clamshell design , so that it looked like a stenographer ‘s notebook, no matter who is able to understand …… just look a stylus housed in the top , this position corresponds stenographer location notepad spiral binding wire . ” he thinks Newton ‘s design feels a bit alien, so he tried to put Lindy designed to be more ” people . ”

Leander Carney wrote in the book , from the initial design concept to foam model molding, Jonathan takes only two weeks to complete, which is Apple’s fastest . When the product started production , Jonathan will live near the Taiwanese manufacturer of Apple hotel , he wants to ensure the production of the product .

Apple’s industrial design team was responsible for Robert Brunner recalls: In order to allow manufacturers to produce the product he wants , he spend a long time in Taiwan. Very nice product , ability to perform tasks , is a shocking product .

MessagePad received many honors , but also the permanent collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Museum , the only pity is a product praised . Jobs returned to Apple after his first action is to cut Newton product line.