Apple claims 2000000000 patent trolls patent request curb abuse

// 2014年2月6日
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coolest iphone 5 cases for men Apple co Google and other 13 companies requested the court to curb the patent holding company banditry. In exchanges with the Supreme Court, the Apple said in the past two years, patent holding company has been sued 92 times. Currently there are 228 from Apple’s patent case is not resolved, in addition company also hired two lawyers to answer questions related patents. Apple and other technology companies asked the Supreme Court, when the patent holding company lost a lawsuit, can more easily obtain legal fees.

At the same time, the German holding company IPCom patent application has been submitted to the German court, mentioned in the document that Apple infringed two patents held by IPCom. Both patents describe when a wireless network is not available, the emergency management access methods. If Apple lost the lawsuit, and that the maximum amount of compensation may be up to $ 2 billion.

IPCom received two patents from the German car parts company Roberts Bosch GmbH. Apple, Nokia, HTC and other companies have asked the European Patent Office determined that the patent is invalid, but the request was rejected.