Chuan Apple is building its own content delivery network (CDN)?

// 2014年2月6日
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coolest iphone 5 cases for men Currently Apple has in Oregon, North Carolina and Nevada built the three world-class giant data centers , so Apple plans to develop its own content delivery network (CDN) is also very reasonable , so you can better and faster transfer data to iCloud and iTunes users.

Frost & Sullivan analyst Dan Rayburn think Apple will increase the functionality of their own CDN network , but it is unclear what the background of the system will choose . Currently Apple uses Akamai and Level 3 companies deal with iTunes, App Store and iCloud content distribution work . Apple has a growing number of data centers , only some wasteful to store user data , so increased content distribution can play better data center capabilities.

That year, Apple to create its own chain of retail stores because Steve Jobs wanted Apple to better communicate with customers. After the launch of iTunes and iCloud , Apple controls the data and services , but you must outsource content distribution , allowing other companies responsible for the data transfer to the user. There are already millions of users to download applications , music, TV shows and movies , which also includes online viewing through Apple TV users to ensure that all users high-speed access is a top priority .

Of course , Rayburn had predicted five years ago that Apple plans to build their own CDN network , but has not been achieved. But now Apple has three data center nearing completion , and the rumors that Apple will launch its own television service in the future, so now launched their own CDN services can enhance a good user experience, ensuring network quality .

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, namely, content distribution networks. The basic idea is to avoid possible bottlenecks and links may affect data transmission speed and stability of the Internet that allows faster transmission of content , more stable. By placing a layer composed of intelligent nodes in the server based on the existing Internet network in the entire virtual network , CDN systems based on the connection in real time , network traffic and load conditions of each node and the distance to the user’s response time comprehensive information on the user’s request to redirect users away from the nearest service node . Its purpose is to enable users to get close to the desired content , Internet network congestion to resolve the situation , improve the response speed of the user to access the site.