Samsung actively donated machines deliberately obscured Winter Apple logo

// 2014年2月6日
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coolest iphone 5 cases for men Participate in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics athletes were able to get a free Galaxy Note 3. But there is no free lunch, complimentary Samsung mobile phones for a reason, they want to appear in all the Samsung logo in front of a live television camera. Even athletes choose to use iPhone, iPhone’s logo should at least cover it.

During the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, including athletes who are spectators have come up with their own equipment to take pictures or record videos. These pictures will be being broadcast television lenses to capture. So, this time is the best time to advertise the smart phone manufacturers. Samsung also is with this intention.

Samsung’s plan was a Swiss Olympic team members exposed out. They also claimed to have received the gift of Samsung, but also included a note asking them to block the iPhone’s logo.

However, iPhone’s style has become its own brand image, even if do not need logo, but also self-promotion, right?