Apple and Samsung’s CEO intermediary negotiations to start next month

// 2014年2月8日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 According to “Reuters” the latest report, the CEO of Apple and Samsung have agreed to sit down with their lawyers conduct mediation of peace talks, the two sides tried to patent litigation endless discussions ended without a peaceful solution. Reports said the two sides of the law earlier this week made ​​this decision.

Reported that the talks will be held next month 19, the time will be earlier than the court in March to start the actual proceedings, will participate in the talks will only Apple CEO Tim Cook, Samsung CEO Kwon Oh-hyun, and the two sides the in-house lawyers. If we can reach a settlement, then they can bypass the entire complex court to avoid the financial and legal issues that headache.

Earlier South Korean media also came news that Apple and Samsung’s legal team also held talks earlier this month, but the two sides reached a patent license agreement from another step closer, perhaps soon be able to hear from Apple and Samsung good news.

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