Apple Partner Ordering sapphire glass screen testing instruments

// 2014年2月8日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 According to foreign media reports, Apple’s co-operation with suppliers to purchase a large number of GT Advanced equipment and materials production sapphire glass , enough to produce 1 - 200 000 000 5-inch iPhone sapphire glass screen.

Foreign media find immigration records from the United States in GT Advanced purchase a new batch of Sirius sapphire glass screen testing equipment from Intego companies. These instruments is the screen -level specialized testing instruments , not just an instrument to detect small sapphire glass .

In addition to instrumentation , GT Advanced also ordered a number of boiler system for the conversion of raw materials into a huge sapphire glass ice spherical round group , and then round group treatment, polishing , cutting the screen size pieces.

According to immigration records , GT Advanced has received 518 sets of equipment, enough to support 1.03 per year - producing 116 million five inches screen. There are 420 sets of equipment did not arrive, it is sufficient to support 8400 420 sets of equipment per year - production of 94,000,005 inches screen.

According to a recent Securities and Exchange Commission filings , GT Advanced purchase only those orders to meet Apple , Apple hinted from the side of the future will be equipped with a sapphire glass screen in the iPhone, but not sure whether the time for the iPhone 6 launch .