CES will start on iBeacon of interactive games venue

// 2014年2月8日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced on Thursday that the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show will be held on iBeacon a treasure hunt ( participants within the stipulated time to find the specified items to first find the person or team wins first found ) .

CEA hope that through this game , as much as possible to encourage the participants traveled throughout the exhibition , unlike in previous years only to gather in large vendor exhibition. Provide hardware support for the game is to move iBeacon close services company Radius Networks, their low power Bluetooth technology from Texas Instruments.

Senior vice president of communications and strategic relationships CEA ‘s Jeff Joseph , said: “Through this treasure hunt , to show us the latest and most cutting-edge technology purposes , which will fight the CES show the strongest interaction with technology treasure hunt with the novel . exhibitors fun way to introduce the latest iBeacon technology . ”

Meanwhile the official CES app iOS App Store shelves and Google Play, so this is the first commercial iBeacon include Android devices. Participants may participate by official CES app game , collect all the top three players will be able to get the badge iBeacon a “special prize ” , after a week full of players gathered to get a gift , but a limited number of first to -served basis .

iBeacon technology has been deployed in the U.S. Apple retail stores and Macy’s , the main purpose is to provide users with shopping promotions and product information , provide the most recent information based on the location of the customer brand .