Foreign media analysis is gradually grow the Mac platform gaming capabilities

// 2014年2月8日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 January 6 news in our cognitive among Apple’s Mac Series devices are never used to play games , but this is gradually changing . Recently, the technology website Tech Radar has written on these changes were analyzed:


In many years time , with a Mac to play the game is basically impossible – if you want to play that game ” Football Manager ” outside , they are not worth considering . But things are changing , the speed of the Mac platform games of landing became more and more quickly, rather than allowing the player to wait three years , or both can not wait forever .

Perhaps even more exciting is that the new independent games tend simultaneous release on the Mac and other platforms , and that thanks to the engine supports upgrades , Humble Bundles and Steam Early Access platforms and therefore these games to recruit more Mac users.

In addition , Mac Series hardware are becoming more and more suitable for the game. iMac desktop space occupied by a very small, but equipped with a quad-core processor and Nvidia graphics ; MacBook Pro offers Intel and Nvidia Iris set alone was significant choice , as well as an ultra-high resolution display ; Even the MacBook Air also equipped with Haswell processors , of course, the new HD 5000 graphics card ; while the Mac Pro , although not suitable for playing games, it also has two Xeon processors and graphics .

Of course , Mac ‘s price is still quite high , but some things never change . Apple products are higher quality than any of the competitors on the market , at the same price, you will hardly be able to find out the size, weight and configuration of the above can really compete with Apple notebook products .

With SteamPlay, you buy the game on Steam can be run on Mac or Windows platforms , shared archive . In other words , when you go out you can use the MacBook to play the game , and the home can continue the game on a higher configuration PC. Even if you want to play the game does not support the Mac platform , you can use Apple’s Boot Camp to run Windows.

There may be a lot of players do not know, Mac fertile time when the game is also excellent work . Maxis had brought more than a dozen multi- simulation series for Mac platform ; Bungie is as a game developer for the Mac exclusive development and growth , the generation of “Halo ” on both Mac and Windows platforms ( but they were soon Microsoft’s acquisition , followed by “Halo ” has become Xbox exclusive games ); “! Make your own app” one of the greatest games “Myst” is through the Mac HyperCard programming tools developed , and then was only ported to other platform.

However, these have become history. In the game the number above , Windows and Mac has opened a big gap , but with the advent of low-cost , high-performance graphics card ever , the performance is also more suitable for Windows PC game .

While some companies are making a game of transplant, but most Mac gamers can play basically the only “The Sims ,” ” Zombie Stubbs ” and ” Age of Empires ” these old outdated works .

Turning point

Apple did two things to open up the game revival road. In 2006 , they started using Intel processors , thereby maintaining a consistent and Windows devices . By 2007 , they launched the iPhone. The former makes the game easier to transplant , before taking into account the x86 architecture and the PowerPC processor used completely different. This does not bring changes overnight, because the game still need to rely on Microsoft’s DirectX, but for Apple, this is a big step forward .

The iPhone is probably more important elements. After the SDK release , App Store game among showing explosive growth . Overnight , the relationship between Apple and games not only become more closely, while words such as ” future handheld console ” This description is also another. Renowned developers began to enter the platform and earn pours .

During this period, due to weak PC industry , Mac sales have gradually increased. At the same time , Apple users to the outside world that they actually like the game and are willing to pay for it. Steam appeared only a matter of time , and in Steam ‘s went, the game will follow. In 2010 , Valve launched their Steam game store , which contains many of the Mac platform works.