iOS 7.1 beta5 on iPhone 5 started Experience Report

// 2014年2月8日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 Recently, Apple provides developers with the iOS 7.1 update of the fifth test, WEIP test group @ Sunbelife shoes the first time in the hands of iPhone 5 will be upgraded to the latest firmware developers, and to bring an experience report . As follows:

- Test Background:

Testing Machine: iPhone 5 V version

Brush: Check update + shift

Machine color: White

Firmware Information: 7.1 beta5 (11D5145e)

Brush Requirements: UDID developer account binding

Jailbreak case: can not escape

Improvements / different:

- Settings:

1, wallpaper dynamic effects switch renamed: Angle Zoom

- UI changes:

1, highlight the text background B4 in unlocking was canceled under

- Keyboard:

1, after the key is pressed on the keyboard file exchange highlight color (the color being the last out.)

2, when the Caps Lock key on the file to replace the new button

3, Chinese input fluency upgrade (B3 upgrade than large)