Proved to be the medical field value: iPad enters into surgery

// 2013年8月31日
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Aluminum Case for iphone 5 Today micro robot has gradually started to be applied in surgery, as a potential in the medical field electronic equipment rather, iPad no exception. Wei Feng network August 22 news, Bremen, Germany, a hospital has successfully assisted the iPad, completed a liver surgery.

It is understood that doctors first to use the iPad camera for imaging in patients with liver for a treatment, and then use a custom iOS app its 3D technology. After three hours of intense surgery, doctors successfully removed the two tumors.

In fact, iPad has already been proven to play a role in the medical field has the value of a small number of hospitals have begun using the iPad for data query and calls, there are doctors use it to remotely track the health status of patients. However, direct access to the battlefield surgery for the iPad is still the first time.