Aluminum case for ipad mini Bumper Deff Cleave

// 2013年9月11日
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Metal Case for iphone 5:

Aluminum case for ipad mini Bumper Deff Cleave ipad mini metal frame waistline Screw designs — avoid scratching the screen Using top aviation aluminum alloy material, so that more robust metal casing knot Aluminum alloy lighter, so your iPad mini case without cumbersome Be better protected. Product Description: 1, all-aluminum body, the outer metal elements architectural concepts by oxidation and hard, scratch resistant 2, the body strong and lightweight 3, the metal frame can be more perfect protection for ipad mini This product advantages: 1.high-quality aluminum alloy material will provide excellent durability, excellent processing technology, both light and strong. 2. sufficient rigidity, excellent hand feel. 3. moderate soft material inside, to prevent vibration, with a shock-absorbing effect to protect the ipad mini. 4.All keys can be easily manipulated