Lunatik Taktik Metal Case for Galaxy S4 Aluminum

// 2013年9月11日
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Metal Case for iphone 5:

Lunatik Taktik Metal Case for Galaxy S4 Aluminum Corninga GorillaA Glass Impact Lens For Screen Protection High Impact Ballistic Bezels 9mm Patent-Pending Impact Truss Water + Dust Resistant Membranes Sealed Audio & Charging Ports Secure Screw Closure Direct Access To All Galaxy S4 Ports & Features Ringer Silencer Switch Polymer Bezels Silicone Patent-Pending Impact Truss Aluminum Port Covers Hydrophobic Membranes PVD Coated Steel Hardware TAKTIKA EXTREME for Galaxy S4 offers the highest level of overall protection in our TAKTIK Series. EXTREME delivers refined and ultra-rugged protection from impact, drops and screen damage as well as water and dust ingression. Featuring an industry-first Corning Gorilla Glass impact lens for screen protection, EXTREME provides shatter protection without compromising touchscreen responsiveness. Lunatik_Taktik_Metal_Case_for_Galaxy_S4_Aluminum