Exposure iPhone 5C Full configuration: 4 inches screen dual-core processor

// 2013年8月30日

Iphone 5 Aluminum Case Apple iPhone 5C message has been reported a lot, it was rumored Apple will be on September 10 press conference officially released iPhone 5C. The news about the iPhone 5C mostly about its design, but more recently iPhone 5C parameter configuration details are fully exposed, so we can better understand this cheaper iPhone pr… (阅读全文)

20 million pixel machine emperor Sony i1 multi-map exposure Review

// 2013年6月29日

Giant screen straddling the Sony Xperia ZU XL39h new machine although much attention, but it is not really worth looking forward to Sony’s flagship model. Just yesterday, the Brazilian website leaked code “Honami” Sony Xperia i1 real machine spy after today there are users in the domestic forum re-release of the aircraft more than the real machin… (阅读全文)

Review 41 million pixel Nokia EOS first exposure

// 2013年6月6日

Review 41 million pixel Nokia EOS first exposure Nokia EOS believed to be a lot of people eagerly looking forward to the object, along with the release date of this phone near the network finally broke the real machine spy photos. According to foreign website GSMArena exclusive exposure of the real machine photos show Nokia Nokia Lumia920 EOS has… (阅读全文)

Cheap iPhone suspected exposure: case deformation

// 2013年6月3日

Cheap version of iPhone fuzzy pictures from the picture, this so-called cheap iPhone iPhone 3GS in terms of design have the feeling, the back shell material should be polished plastic, with a clear arc. Full metal iphone case Also you can see lightning interfaces, speakers and 3.5mm headphone jack are located at one end cheap iPhone, still not su… (阅读全文)

Review Thinner than 5.6 mm and beautiful Huawei X5 P6 exposure

// 2013年5月27日
Metal Case for iphone 5:

http://www.diyphonecase.net/ Earlier there were reports that the domestic mobile phone manufacturers and beautiful (UMeox) will launch a body thickness of 5.6 mm of the Android smart phone, and now this beautiful X5 (Umeox X5) the real machine diagram has been exposed, we look at this stuff is not really chopping             These … (阅读全文)

Review Sony big killing device “One Sony” flagship machine exposure

// 2013年5月27日

http://www.diyphonecase.net/ Sony hopes to gain more in the field of smart phones, and now they are moving in this direction and efforts. Earlier today, the foreign media are given the news that Sony will learn Samsung, namely the establishment of a positioning flagship Xperia sub-brand, its flagship Galaxy S series is like that. From the current… (阅读全文)