Suspected iPhone 5C packaging materials and SIM card ejector exposure

// 2013年9月2日

 Aluminum Case for iphone 5 Recently Sina Weibo user C Technology once again exposed the information about the iPhone 5C. As the conference approaches, the current exposure of the content is not part of the equipment, but a new machine packaging material (including user manuals and SIM card thimble). Pictures from the exposure point of view, the … (阅读全文)

Suspected iPhone 5C packaging machine and a complete exposure

// 2013年9月2日

 Aluminum Case for iphone 5 C Technology microblogging broke the news people today is to force, following the iPhone 5C packaging material (including user manuals and SIM card ejector) then, and is now exposed iPhone 5C and complete packaging machine According to the description of C Technologies, the exposure of the iPhone 5C box and previous ex… (阅读全文)

Exposure iPhone 5C Full configuration: 4 inches screen dual-core processor

// 2013年8月30日

Iphone 5 Aluminum Case Apple iPhone 5C message has been reported a lot, it was rumored Apple will be on September 10 press conference officially released iPhone 5C. The news about the iPhone 5C mostly about its design, but more recently iPhone 5C parameter configuration details are fully exposed, so we can better understand this cheaper iPhone pr… (阅读全文)