Apple increased its market share in China is expected to catch up with Samsung chips

// 2013年9月2日

  Aluminum Case for iphone 5 Currently in China’s smart phone market, although Samsung is a single large, but if Apple is able to meet the following two conditions, they will be able to catch up with Samsung: First launch low-cost iPhone, the other one is to achieve cooperation with China Mobile. Apple is currently in the market growth rate is ve… (阅读全文)

Sony lens new gold edition packed with iPhone 5S perfect match

// 2013年9月1日

Aluminum Case for iphone 5 Previously Sony packed a 20 million pixel camera which has caused no small commotion burst. Users can install this outer lens to iOS and Android smartphones, and it and the phone via Wifi connected. Theoretically, with this outer lens, CMOS sensor and Carl Zeiss lens larger, users can take better photographs. According … (阅读全文)

Apple iPhone 5S confirm with A7 processor Review

// 2013年6月25日

Apple news site MacRumors last week revealed two iPhone 5S real machine spy photos, shows us this new machine dual LED flash and a larger capacity battery. And now, MacRumors iPhone 5S again exposed a few prototype latest photos, and for the first time confirmed the machine will use the new Apple A7 processors.   With A7 processor From this MacRu… (阅读全文)

Iron Man Mark VII Protective Case with LED Light Reflector iPhone 5

// 2013年5月26日

Iron Man Mark VII Protective Case with LED Light Reflector iPhone 5 The Most Stunning Design iPhone 5 Case - Iron Man Mark VII Protective Back Case with WHITE LED reflector for Iron Man Power Light and Opening Shoulder Camera Cover! COOL Enough! (阅读全文)