How To Activation And Update Autek IKey820 key programmer

Autek IKey820 is user-friendly because it allows user to select by vehicle and by system, available with pin code reading service for many car models, and program key for many models without pin code. It claims to has no tokens and free online update. User manual of Autek Ikey820 here for three part : Part 1: Autek I… (阅读全文)

How does Vpecker diagnose Opel Astra H ?

Got one Vpecker diagnostic adapter, it perfectly diagnose Opel Astra H, here I’d share the procedure. Video demo: Procedure: Click on “Diagnosis service”   Europe – Opel   You can see Vpecker covers Opel up to 2017 models…… Downloading communication program… Launching the diagnostic program…   Europe Opel.   Vpecker cover… (阅读全文)

Using Tis:CG-PRO programs Jaguar Land rover KVM key

How to use CG-PRO to program Jaguar Land rover KVM key (with BCM / RFA IMMO box). Here we go: Part 1: Read out the data from smart computer and IMMO box. Dismantle the smart computer and the IMMO box from the car. Image 1: BCM immo box Image 2: Smart ECU RFA Click on “Diagram” in the CG Pro softwa… (阅读全文)

How to replace broken Mercedes ME9.7 ECU ECM Engine with new one?

Mercedes ME9.7 ECU ECM Engine get broken or you are considering to replace a used ECM, then you need a brand new ECM to contain new data, and also a Ktag / KTM100 to read/ Write ECU data, also a Special renew cable to make the reading job easier instead of dismantling the ECU. Here we go for what needs and how to do step by step. Need: Brand… (阅读全文)

How does Ktag KTM100 work with Mercedes ME9.7 ECU and Renew Cable?

After the original Mercedes ME9.7 ECU engine get broken, what you need to do is have one brand new ECU, a ECU programmer like KTAG V7.020/ KTM100 to read and write the ECU data, also one special cable to make the work easy without dismantling the ECU. Therefore you need: Ktag V7.020 / KTM100: can read out the Me… (阅读全文)

Can I buy Lonsdor K518ise for BMW CAS keys only?

Hello, mates I bought Lonsdor K518ise for CAS keys. The ford nissan and toyota can be done by even other very cheap programmers. As long as Lonsdor cannot do BMW CAS keys it is useless to me. On all other cars I have even cheaper tools that don’t even cost half the cost of Lonsdor u… (阅读全文)

How to solve BMW E46 Air Bag light still ON

MY BMW E46 Air Bag light still ON. Codes are 73 seat occupancy sensor driver and Drivers air bag Stage 1. Replaced seat belt tensioner wire harness since it was a cheap and easy job. Tried to clear codes using my Creator c310 OBDII scanner. Codes get cleared but light comes back on. Air Bags haves been replaced via r… (阅读全文)

Xhorse VVDI PROG v4.7.7 Free Download

Update!!!VVDI PROG latest software version update to V4.7.7 download link:!usJ1AaoI!iwLDnwEu7d5nKnYcM3xLjtlA6xy8GB6MJdfDH0MJdTo password:123456 ————————————- Details: VVDI PROG v4.7.7 (2018-11-28) * This version DON’t need update firmware + Add VVDI PROG&… (阅读全文)

Use BMW Inpa bleed the brakes / dsc/abs pump in E53


Here is my of experience how to use BMW Inpa bleed the brakes / dsc/abs pump in E53, thanks for your reading: I need to bleed the brakes / dsc/abs pump in my car after replacing the brake booster. I tried using ISTA-D but it doesn’t seem to connect to my car (although ISTA-D does connect to my E82 135i so maybe my ’05 X5 E53 is just too… (阅读全文)

Ford VCM2 IDS Windows 10 Migration Tips & Guides


Here you will get to know how to migrate an Ford IDS System to Windows 10.     Part 1: Reason why you should do the migration Part 2: Preparation before Windows 10 Migration Part 3: Windows 10 Migration     Part 1:  The reason why you should do the migration   Windows 10 migration on a PC that has… (阅读全文)