V2020.6 MB Star Diagnostic SD Connect C4 C5 Software Manual

 V2020.06 MB Star sd connect C4 C5 Xentry Xentry Diagnostics OpenShell has been tested and work no issue. Here is a manual of it,incl: Download free,how to activa  and set IP, C4 wifi settings WIN10/ WIN7 Here you are: Xentry Diagnostics OpenShell 2020.6.4 newly update: Add GCS190 XUS SOLUTION TO FIX SCN ONLINE RDS ERRORS VER 2.0 UPTO 2… (阅读全文)

How to solve laptop wont connect to VCM2 V86?

Question: I’ve got a VCM 2 that’s using the v86 program that’s about 4 years old. Took me a while to get it working but has worked ever since on a couple of Van’s and 2 of my fiestas now the laptop won’t connect to the VCM even though it makes the bong bong sound when I plug something into the USB port. The lights on the VCM are a little ran… (阅读全文)

How to add 2011 BMW M3 Key by AUTEL IM508

Adding a 2011 BMW M3 CAS3+ key via Autel MaxiIM508 W/XP400. had to updated the cas3 module first then do procedure to add a new blank OEM Key. Key has OEM internals with aftermarket case. Question: Have Autel MaxiIM608 (=Autel MaxiIM508 + XP400) and doing a CAS3 on the bench today to add key, I checked on the vehicle see if its ISTAP or not, Can … (阅读全文)

Which tool coding E90 2010 CAS3, what about Autel?

 Topic: How to write new isn to the e90 2010 cas3, Need to replace ecu Device1 : Xhorse VVDI2 Answer: Open dump in hex and change what problem. Question: Done… thanx But ecu we bought it is for AT trans.. Car start but fan always on and idle very low… Tried to default coding but nothing Do you know how to make the ecu for manual transmi… (阅读全文)

Launch CRP909 Vs. CRP479 Vs. CRP129i Vs. X431 Pro mini Vs. CRP123i


Launch CRP909 Full-system Scanner with 15 Special Functions is the best among CRP479, CRP129i, X431 Pro mini, CRP123i, it owns the biggest touch LCD, can access to all systems, owns the most special functions. Look at the comparison table: Launch CRP909 Full-system Scanner Launch X431 CRP479 OBD Scanner Launch CRP129i Diagnostic Tool Launch X431 … (阅读全文)

2014 Mercedes W212 OBD scanner recommendation

Looking for a OBD scanner for 2014 Mercedes W212. willing to spend upwards of $500 or more. and I’m a pretty competent mechanic, so any extra functionality I can get WILL be used. My purpose: I’m an above-average (way above average) shadetree mechanic and do not, and have never, paid anyone to work on my cars, so I really kinda want som… (阅读全文)

Solved! 2015 BMW M3 Damaged ECU Programming with Ktag Failed

First comes with the issues description: 2015 BMW M3 – purchased from salvage auction, engine issues(seized intake cam), and also issues with the DME. I’m rebuilding the engine, but need help with the DME. – Car will key on, everything not related to the DME works fine. Car will not crank – Connecting to ISTA+, it shows “aborted program… (阅读全文)

VVDI Key Tool Max “File Make Key” free update

VVDI Key Tool Max “File Make Key” free update, free cloud storage for temporary data.  KeyTool Max File Make Key Vehicle List: Asia: Acura Besturn Brilliance Chang An Chery China Immobox Daewoo Daihatsu Geely Great Wall Haima Honda Hyundai IKCO Infiniti Isuzu Kawasaki Kia Lexus Mazda Mitsubishi Nissan Proton SaicMotor Saipa SsangYong Subaru … (阅读全文)

Will Lonsdor K518S support Ranger F150 2020 smart key?


Lonsdor K518S Key programmer Ford update in July, for those who ordered 1-year Subscription (€550 for 1 year + 6-month for free), it is free to update the following car models: Look at the image below: Ranger/2016-2020/Key&Smart key Expedition/2018-2019/Key& Smart key Explorer/2016-2019/Key&Smart key F-150/2018-2020/Key&Smart key … (阅读全文)

Solved! VXDIAG Benz C6 “Initialization of diagnosis multiplexer failed”

Car model Benz Sprinters year 2011 / 2010 / 2012, using VXDIAG Benz C6 to diagnose and have fault (1-1)-1.501 9988: Initialization of diagnosis multiplexer failed. Possible causes: The link between the diagnosis multiplexer and the diagnostic socket is interrupted. The link between the diagnosis multiplexer and the diagnostic unit is interrupted…. (阅读全文)