Sadiq Khan 恐怖袭击是大都市生活的一部分

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Only God Knows Why

I’ve been sittin’ here trying to find myself
I get behind myself I need to rewind myself
Looking for the payback listening for the playback
They say that every man bleeds just like me

And I feel like number one yet I’m last in line
I watch my younger son and it helps to pass the time
I take too many pills that helps to ease the pain
I made a couple of dollare bills still I feel the same

Everybody knows my name they say it way out loud
A lot of folks fuck with me it’s hard to hang out in a croud
I guess that’s the price you pay to be some big shot like I am
Out stretched hands and one night stands


Only God knows why

Take it to the river

Take me to the river


穆斯林恐怖袭击–>和伊斯兰无关– – – – – 


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