Our brain is like a computer host CPU system

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Day of good fast, the tail and head of the year again, never break the finger when the children look forward to the joy of the New Year, a years make you old, time flies like a sense of urgency a flood in my heart, reminds me Zhu Zhiqing said: “the swallow, will come back again; willow Withers, with green again, peach blossom thanks, have open again. However, smart, you tell me, why our days gone? - yeah! Looking back that can pull don’t come back, or a little sour feeling, young not sorrow taste, childhood always want time as gyro spin, now in old age, wish time case forever in yesterday, but time is relentless, whether you willing or not, she will slip through your fingers like quicksand, hold in our hand in the heart only those or shallow or deep memory…

Sometimes really like the weather, the mood will be your experience of people and things around every day, even if one don’t leave home nest at home, those memories hidden in the deep heart’s core, sneak out, sometimes unconsciously actually lies in the heart of every man and woman a quiet hunger, eager to oneself forever young, eager to the happiness of life, eager to all the beautiful things can be eternal, but life is not plain sailing, anyone’s mood may not always be the bright sunny day, have a cloudy rainy season, some troubles really is much ado about nothing, it is said that truth everyone understand, but in life, to keep his peace of mind and behavior easy is not easy, there is no deep accomplishment is really hard. People, after all, is the desires emotion in life a lot of beautiful, sad people and things will I do not know when will visit the heart room, something will be confused you all the year round, even one day have a browse on the space, a classmate to see her write such a passage, “how to day is a day, why don’t you happy?” And say how good ah, life is short, why not with a positive and optimistic attitude to face?

Life is a long journey, a man who knows lightly go way is far away, its moment in the collection and storage of information see along the way, the way some of the fame and fortune, greed, vanity, jealousy, hatred, and so on, will become the burden of the journey, we should always clean up the decisive throw it away, just like delete the junk files in our computer, the error message.

Life on the road, the flower weed, willow thorns, always walk side by side, and we have to constantly trade-offs, just don’t give up, life journey of the bags will be overweight.

Now sitting in front of a computer, a past setbacks and pain is like the passing clouds, make me feel the life, each of us some experience of suffering in life is inevitable, but we can do it, not in hardship to enlarge their pain, and lose yourself, but to grasp myself, awake to life and enjoy life.

Life is go step by step, little by little to throw, is walking, getting rid of is, so that the road of life is more walk more long, the heart will be more walk more quiet.

Time flies in the greeting myself and my family and friends in the New Year, good luck, everything goes well!