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Samanthe'’ is also right totally. Forget about the grammar and unusual words. After some practice you would be able to speak comfortably and easily.

As for speaking English fluently, that really needs person to person practice in speaking. After a short time, you would know how to speak in English without much difficulty. The more practice the more fluent you would be. You don’t need to practice with a native speaker at this stage. You only need a practice with a native speaker when you need to work with westerners. It would be quite difficult for you to find a westerner to practice with you because that is tedious task and requires a lot of time.  where they have westerners teaching English.

According to what you have written here , I can say that your English level quite satisfactory and you have already mastered proper English writing skills. Besides, you have already passed CET4 and 6 which is useful for working in foreign companies. Having a C grade in BEC is also useful for your future career. Have more practice and you would be perfect. You can surely succeed.

Glad to note your comments about my country England seo services. You made me reminiscent my British hometown. Yes, those newsstands, buses, nice countryside and the constant drizzles are typical of British life. Hope someday you can go there for visit and I welcome you to visit my home there. Good luck to you and commend you for your efforts to learn good English.