People in Chaoshan areas are enjoying

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Wherever you visit, the home host will serve you gongfu tea hong kong new territories tour. Tea drink with mooncake is perfect match.Ahaha.

Oh… So nice to hear from you admin and noted your humble words. You are already successful because of you are truly resourceful being in stocks trading and being the administrator of this website. I enjoy communicating with friends here, helping them and enriching my own knowledge. Wish you the best.Don’t worry my friend. This might be difficult times for you at present but in fact accumulating bouncing power. The lower you hit , the higher you bounce back up. You have determination and willpower, so all you need is the slot to start with. You will have your chance eventually.

Wow.. Tibet? So how was it? You went by train or plane? Tell us about your trip. No wonder didn’t see you around these days. I always wanted to go there but as a foreigner, it is not so easy for me to go unless join tour group. Despite being born in China and lived here my whole life, I still need a ‘visa’ to go to mainland China. I asked them whether I am a resident or tourist? They answered ‘’both'’. Smart guys ain’t they? Wanna knock them off Happy holidays.

You don’t have feel bad about not being able to return for home visit. Your grandpa  can feel your care and filial love for him. You are are grateful person so your heart would be at peace and have gratitude and happiness.