Comes from the big race of life

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Moon flowers kowloon hotel hong kong, clouds scud across. I enjoy spring the fangfang, enjoy the summer, enjoy the autumn high and I appreciate the spirit of winter. Look, those weak stream, in imperceptible in, also with hard bones; The withered branches, in the cold wind, has drawn out the sword; Even the skinny hills, than in the past, also more poised, high forceful.

This is the spirit of winter. This spirit, from the bottom of my heart fragrant, is derived from the past of endeavour, embodies the return uncut jade to put in thick, transcendental and free from vulgarity indifferent, no one can against strong and noble.

This kind of spirit, filled with masculine life kowloon tourist attractions. When we look back again, the mountains or the original, water or the original water, or the original road. The difference is that they all faded color, faded, return to the authenticity of the “the sky of ages once romantic”. This kind of authenticity, after flowers bloom, after passage, akira significant life unruly, vertical and horizontal.

This kind of spirit, etched with the years wind and frost. When we joined a bunch of oasis, moist heart form; When we picked up a piece of stone, shelly ecru masculine; When we smile to continue, deduce the open-minded and free and easy life miris spa hk.