Tears contain lovesickness bitter sad of moss

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Remember there are so a poem reads: “right here waiting to recall, just at that time already disconsolate.”

People have to go, what about me teco DC electric motors wholesaler? Only drinks for month, sword swing MeiZhi, roaring nine days.

Forget, lost not to love; Beauty has to go, love hate last.

’s cold plum second open, people have to go to xi, hope not; She died, tears Que.

With whole rape, acacia sorrow, nai intention?

Not to release the touched, with endless pain to leave; Erdu plum, drops of tears, how many bitter doomed the kite can’t tie.

Have fuso, affection is strong, may have withered Nasonex, affictions fu xi nai intention?

Leaving only apricot yuan LiangYu lifetimes of pain, and the world can not give up, let’s just come out a bunch of wang zhaojun spirits and contribute to the expected in one hundred. People has been attributed to the loess, however, the tearful text, leaving only the memory of the above CongTai cries of farewell banquets, then the reappearance the hurt and pain - “husband and wife, north and south, brother and sister with inner”

Handan, is a full fill the place of the story, what deep feeling of inclusions with untold bitter. Only nonhuman non, personnel have to go, cold feeling, into these young only memories.

Have fuso, affection is Undergraduate Programmes for International Students thick, zhao has gone, the history of ancient and modern, such as turbulent river, bully people heart.

Thoughts in zhao city, again at the blood and tears by erosion in winter, the democratic wind, flower withered, only wipe not to go in the deep of the heart left a trace…

Goose home, autumn wind howling, I’ve got a pain in my heart live hard strokes.