The myriad in the world of mortals

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If life never meet Dream beauty pro, I or the original me, proud like summer sunflowers, no results. If life is just meet, I won’t and you would like to intersect and always be parallel. If the intersection, its result is more walk more far, from now on, so near and far.

If at first, this feeling is weaving a web Dream beauty pro, you will be my knitting, I also not hesitate to jump into the net, so, all the consequences, I assume. Only blame me, the body is not firm, heart hard enough. Heart like double screen, thousands of knot, solution don’t open the lock, can’t open the knot, but the camp, all, only hate too grandiose.

Affection is broken, after all, is dispersed after all, and that of primitive simplicity and elegant tune still felt like singing. All Dream beauty pro, scattered scattered it, absolutely. Broken broken, broken. a smile, a light kiss, enough to let a person heart lake ripples, enough to provoke hidden in the heart of the ripples. However, a turn round, a waved goodbye, enough has to meet stinging pain. Even if there is no everlasting oath, thrilling story love elegance, also make people wounded soul. This feeling, if don’t, I still smile turned, don’t ask, don’t belong to your, don’t ask, don’t gentleman’s desire, the light is a regression. Let this feeling, also gone, scattered to the boundless huge, spread to the full mountain flower sea, scattered toward the sea, to the lover’s heart.