Concealed the dribs

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Gratitude tang poetry, whether it is “2:00 be extremely, see the mountains small ambition, or” looking back has always been bleak place, home, and no rain also no clear “detached attitude; Whether it is “a day to see all the luoyang flowers” delight, or “holding your hand and looking at your eyes with a silent cry” the absence of bitter; Whether it is “the great river east to go to, the wave depleted, eternal romantic figure” bold, or “willow bank, monring winds canyue” graceful and restrained, have explained the life road is also not , is like , those letters, beauties in their own way or transfer or express or memorial to those who understand life.

Dissension gratitude novels in the Ming and qing dynasties, the three graft, let’s see it is just a night; Brothers, life and death in liangshan and let us know the hills there is loyalty and unique; , eighty-one, mixed let us understand the perseverance will eventually Promised Land ; When one’s life in the book, deduce a fresh, we naturally feel the for the thinking of life.

Chinese culture not only the high literary achievements, other aspects also is to have his own profound influence.