Reaches of the yangze river green

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Together, hand in hand with you into the beautiful scenery of guilin landscape. Here Zhong Lin yu xiu, itself. We take the bamboo raft, ripples on the bottom of the lijiang river, the tall and straight peaks on both sides and all forms business center. Green cucurbit flute, like girl’s skirt, the swaying, graceful. Hillshade extremely, clear and misty, bamboo raft is through on top of the mountains. Together we listen with the wind coming from the distant hills, the shape of the song instantly, relaxed and happy.

In hand, walk together with you in the south of the lower flag in the street. And quiet town, strewn at random have send along the waterway lined up on both sides, of primitive simplicity and elegant architectural style has been gloriously enrolled as a black tea New Face Beauty Facial, let the person aftertaste. We explore the mystery of the ancient town one hundred long together.

Together, hand in hand with you on the Great Wall meanders of surrounded by mountains. We stand on the ancient beacon tower, lifted up his eyes, after one thousand years of the Great Wall, majesty is still on. High winds hit on the mottled walls hair loss, a deafening sound, close your eyes, as if can hear the two former rival to garrison officers and invasion, panic in it.

Together, hand in hand with you walk on the outside yumenguan endless gobi desert. The dusty, camel slowly of the silk road, and busy business travel on this route, has been turned into dust history. So, we go deep in the gobi desert, in search of the illusory mirage.