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It rained some big, upward climb step by step to step on the steps, on both sides of the mountain, jungle, at the foot of the gurgling, the scene is not people don’t tempted estrogen, the thought of the day before the students to do morning reading read li shangyin’s poem “the patter send north” is really sit well with the habitat, not loudly read aloud: “you ask return on fixed-term, bashan patter, autumn pool. What when cut the west window of candle, but the words of bashan patter.” But after a turn, I found this poem impressively is bright red his brush to write on the mountainside, did not see who is the book, but the elegance of the font and the poetry bring out the best in each other, the valley in the autumn rain in a lot of warmth and love short stay apartments. In tang and song dynasty literati I extremely like dongpo and hidden, I like dongpo open-minded and tenacity, can operate the pain in joy. I like business situation of Cain, deep love for his wife wang this poem to let people know a thing or two, life is for love poem, his wife is his source of emotion. Thanks to the write this poem in rock, is he let the canyon much truth in the world. Indeed a scenic spot if you don’t have the humanities, only hard landscape that is of no interest, cannot be told, miss, then build scenic places such as will lose a lot of sense. On this point I want to canyon scenic spot also should do more effort to do this big unique.

I still believe in zhongba after digesting the grand canyon is not really enough precise, maybe in the rain, the cause of this autumn, I always think that this is a romantic love valley, I want to use “lover valley” for its name. Ha ha, with rude valley in jianghu, poisoned feeling flower people to the valley as rude with graceful jessamine herb, thus becomes famous. I want to here if you want to call the lover valley can let lovers more earnest hong kong cultural tour, let is loved each and every one read, implicit poem meet feel valuable, even a pair of lovers in the valley of the temporary separation, a walk from down to up, one from the top down, and then meet in the poetry of written business place, the feeling is better, many true temperament in the 50w box mod human nature is the dripping wet, can reflect much as some…

Points of dispute in the rain of the night, turn past poetry volume, I cannot sleep. Rainy faint to play in my quiet heart lake, is a time in the call. At depths of endless lovesickness and destroyed, always wanders to the water in the home, so…

The most clean and pure water is hometown of streams. A lot of unknown stream, like a hermit: in the woods, under the cliff, drumming ding-ding, carefree smile to flow, will be like the sun hot exquisitely carved. Sometimes Cambridge QingYang, hookah so pieces of transparent fog yarn YunXu, sometimes dancing jet turbulent ripples hold a strong thunder and lightning. Streams converge, is that a river - two pentium stream suddenly meet, hug exultation, provoked a hazy, splash. And then seemingly slight pacified, celestial pole eyes water, distant spread a roll of light gray ink.