She this is year 31 years old

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On May 13, the second artillery command college graduate students in han students Shen Xing team just 31 years old , in shandong qingzhou research, back to the original forces struggling to rescue the boys in the glorious sacrifice.

Married to settle in qingzhou, was the people’s liberation army second artillery qingzhou officer school staff, in September 2010, the second artillery command college graduate student was admitted to wuhan. This year is about to complete their studies. A few days before the incident , Shen Xing back from wuhan research unit, collecting graduation thesis data.

Shen Xing martyr heroic deeds, touched by the qilu earth. People held a memorial activities spontaneously as a martyr.In may the flowers of China, there are two green flowers, bloom so bright colors efest.

Li-li zhang. Beautiful beautiful Nasonex, jasmine lee, the name of the flower; Was born in 1984, 28 years old, the age of the flower; Jiamusi 19 middle school language teacher, professional gardener.

On May 8, 2012 a day because the li-li zhang and remembered by the Chinese . When a runaway bus rushed to the students, she could stand or retreat, but she rushed forward, and strive to push, with instant blossom big love big yong beauty and goodness of interpretation of travel trade publication the people’s noble ethics of teachers.

Li-li zhang is very young. Life ordinary yet grandeur: on May 8, in front of the bus crazy rushed to the students, regardless of her own safety, with a kind of instinct, so parents heart move around, hand and rescued two students, and she was involved in the car, his legs amputated.